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    No, they have end stops that prevent any breakage.
    Also think that when they ship them they take long trips by truck and suffer thousands of jolts before arriving at your home.
    Of course, apart from some acceleration, everything breaks down. So it is not recommended to let them fall to the ground.

    in reply to: 433 MHz (or bluetooth) gamma spectrometer #11171

    The MCA application works with an audio card only.
    It is not possible connectpulsescoming from a 433 transmitter.

    The only method to transmit pulses via radio is to use an audio signal.
    1) Send pulses with an FM hi quality transmitter
    2) Receive pulses with an FM radio receiver connected with the AUX input of the audio card
    (or the Theremino SDR app)
    3) If required use some method to send audio signal from an app to another app
    (for example the VbCable you can get from internet)

    in reply to: CNC con Theremino #10638

    I just tried the Set Zeta Home button and it works,
    when Theremino CNC is closed the value is saved in the INI file

    Maybe you never close ThereminoCNC and let Windows close it when you turn off your PC ?
    Maybe Windows doesn't give him time to save the INI file ?
    Maybe you have an old version of thereminoCNC that has a flaw ?
    (the current version is 5.3)

    If you can use a PC then you just need to connect a hall to a Master (as explained on our site)
    And then simply use a counter input with the option to measure the frequency.

    And then you could view it in many ways, for example with a few-line program written in Automation.

    Or you could use Buttons which already has an example of an automotive engine tachometer.

    in reply to: CNC con Theremino #10634

    The only place where there is a Z-Home setting is the Theremino_CNC_INI.txt file located next to Theremino_CNC.exe
    The only way to change that value is to press the button “Set Zeta Home” or edit or delete that file.
    Even if there were Z-Home commands in the GCode files, they would have no effect because our CNC application does not execute them.

    But you mean something for measuring RPMs (rpm) of an engine ?
    If so you can do it for sure, in many different ways, but I remind you that all our applications need a Windows PC.
    If you are happy to use a PC write it and then we will try to better specify what you need.
    Or if you'd rather not use a PC, then I recommend an Arduino, there are certainly many projects that make the tachometer.

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    Damn, once set to 20 mm should never change!

    The only possibility that comes to mind is that you have two different folders that contain two different files Theremino_CNC.exe,
    and that the time it seemed to you “lose” the 20mm is because you launched the other application, which was not yet set.

    Or maybe you did an update by replacing all the files?
    Or maybe you re-extracted the files from the ZIP overlaying the configuration you made?

    If you don't find out how it happens you do “loses” the 20 mm I just don't know how to help you.
    It is a question of understanding on what occasions (or doing what operations) you lose the 20.

    To give you a starting point I inform you that the “20” is stored in the file Theremino_CNC_INI.txt which is located next to Theremino_CNC.exe
    In the file Theremino_CNC_INI.txt there must be a HomeZ = line 20 and until no one rewrites this file the 20 cannot change.

    Also pay attention to that if (for some reason) Theremino_CNC_INI.txt file is modified,
    you don't just miss the 20 but also all the other configurations made in the CNC application


    in reply to: About TB6600 #10561

    La spia PWR dovrebbe stare accesa per indicare che è presente la tensione di alimentazione, ma potrebbe funzionare diversamente a seconda del modello di TB6600 (ce ne sono di diversi tipi) per cui se gli stepper girano regolarmente allora non considerare quello che fanno i LED

    Per abilitare o disabilitare il motore devi scollegare o collegare i pin ENA+ e ENA-
    colleghi ENA+ al + 5 volt
    e colleghi ENA- a GND
    Quando li colleghi il motore si disabilita
    Se li lasci scollegati il motore è abilitato

    Trovi gli schemi del 6600 in this page

    in reply to: my spectrometer build #10552
    in reply to: Request for help #10481

    first of all you have to make a parent folder that contains both the Theremino Buttons folder and that of Theremino HAL
    and you could call this parent folder by the name of your project (or whichever way you prefer)

    Then in this folder put an application Theremino_StartALL that will open all the executables thereminici (others will also be added)
    And then when you close the Theremino_StartALL application, she will also take care of closing all other applications she had open.

    The Theremino_StartALL application is downloaded with this

    Finally on the desktop you will put a shortcut to the Theremino_StartALL.exe application only


    If you can't call me at 0125 57290 and I'll help you fix everything.

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