Who we are

Hello everyone, the purpose of this site is above the free sharing of knowledge.

The first objective is to tramamandare all the knowledge acquired in the previous attendance of other sites and in real life.

So this site is a container in which we will leave all the experiences or knowledge that we wish to share.

In the wonderful world of electronics, evolving, nobody will ever be able to say I know everything about everything.

Every one of us will, however, be able to say that has direct personal experience in a particular field.

Combine the two statements is the next natural step, This allows you to learn the things that we know thanks to the experiences of “experts”, It understood in the broadest meaning of the term.

Our reports, impressions or made public experiences, will help the largest number of people possible. A system to concentrate in one place the knowledge spread.

If a subject had not yet been treated just enter the forum and open discussion, some of the members will surely help, bridging the gap and helping the author of the discussion

In particular, we have focused on educational and training aspects.

For this reason, a special forum was planned First steps where to get help and to help, for all small or big doubts that may arise.

For the education aspects there is a forum Students suitable for all school subjects techniques, from mathematics, physics or electrical engineering to electronics.

Furthermore, we would also like to say that these pages are not meant to list the best solutions to each question, but they want to highlight only the interesting experiences we have lived, in order to pass on our knowledge to those who come after us.

The intent is to grow this site along the way thanks to the help of the users who make available to others their “things already done”.

Finally, we would be pleased to receive suggestions from anyone for the improvement of this site, as well as requests for collaboration and presentation of ideas.

You can contact us at: