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    Good evening everyone, I am trying to program the pic24xx for the terminal with pickit2 with the V5 file and the EXE program specially modified by you, but I can't program it tells me that there is a power supply error with 3.3v, maybe it's low from the computer, i am using a desktop computer, some advice? thank you


    Then I got to the point that I noticed the difference between the PIC24FJ64GB002D that requires the project and the PIC24FJ64GA202 that I found myself, so I got the integrated circuit but with the final code GA002 it doesn't give the test’ VCC error clears but not programmed, cow sound comes out and programming error, possible that and’ cosi’ critical to require the IC perfectly equal to the PIC24FJ64GB002D and the initials GA002 (without D) that's no good?
    Thank you
    but answer!


    GB002 and GA002 are two completely different micro.

    – The GB002 has everything you need to connect to USB
    – The GA002 is the version without USB

    It is not about being “critics”, in electronics you have to use the right components.
    If we wrote GB002 you must necessarily use GB002.
    Or, if you really want to make variations, before buying the components you have to study the datasheet well to see if it can be done.


    Thanks for the reply.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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