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    hello Livio.
    Finally I managed to get my CNC working with Theramino Ei TB6600, everything works great and I am very happy with it
    But I still have to ask for a little information. I replaced the safety height of the Z from 8mm as it was set at 20mm as I prefer I also accepted the Yes in SET Zeta Home but from time to time the 8mm still returns to me.
    How can I definitively set the height a 20 mm?Thanks and I apologize for the inconvenience.


    Damn, once set to 20 mm should never change!

    The only possibility that comes to mind is that you have two different folders that contain two different files Theremino_CNC.exe,
    and that the time it seemed to you “lose” the 20mm is because you launched the other application, which was not yet set.

    Or maybe you did an update by replacing all the files?
    Or maybe you re-extracted the files from the ZIP overlaying the configuration you made?

    If you don't find out how it happens you do “loses” the 20 mm I just don't know how to help you.
    It is a question of understanding on what occasions (or doing what operations) you lose the 20.

    To give you a starting point I inform you that the “20” is stored in the file Theremino_CNC_INI.txt which is located next to Theremino_CNC.exe
    In the file Theremino_CNC_INI.txt there must be a HomeZ = line 20 and until no one rewrites this file the 20 cannot change.

    Also pay attention to that if (for some reason) Theremino_CNC_INI.txt file is modified,
    you don't just miss the 20 but also all the other configurations made in the CNC application



    First of all, many thanks for the very fast response.
    This thing happened a couple of times while I was setting everything up for the new system and loading various GCode files written with Mach's postprocessor 2 mm to see if they were accepted and in fact they all work fine,I looked carefully in the files if there was anything indicating i 8 mm but I did not find anything.
    Comungue I will try to be very careful, if it happens again and if I can understand the reason I will definitely report it.
    Finding myself in progress, I still come to ask if there is someone who has built something like a lap counter or a kilometer counter with the Theremino,I would like to do something like this too but I really don't know where to start.
    Thanks again for your patience.


    The only place where there is a Z-Home setting is the Theremino_CNC_INI.txt file located next to Theremino_CNC.exe
    The only way to change that value is to press the button “Set Zeta Home” or edit or delete that file.
    Even if there were Z-Home commands in the GCode files, they would have no effect because our CNC application does not execute them.

    But you mean something for measuring RPMs (rpm) of an engine ?
    If so you can do it for sure, in many different ways, but I remind you that all our applications need a Windows PC.
    If you are happy to use a PC write it and then we will try to better specify what you need.
    Or if you'd rather not use a PC, then I recommend an Arduino, there are certainly many projects that make the tachometer.


    I managed to set the safety height a 20 mm.
    However, it was not enough to act only on "Set Zeta Home" but I also had to replace the Z-Home in the INI.TXT file because it always remains there 8 and others 14 digits after the comma, I put them on mine 20 and saved the file and everything was fine, comungue thank you for all the suggestions,availability, and great patience.
    For the lap counter I have already done one with a Pic F16 with a disk a 5 magnets and a hall effect sensor and it works.
    Knowing that a PC is needed,I wanted to know if Theremino has any application to be able to create something more precise, Thanks again.


    I just tried the Set Zeta Home button and it works,
    when Theremino CNC is closed the value is saved in the INI file

    Maybe you never close ThereminoCNC and let Windows close it when you turn off your PC ?
    Maybe Windows doesn't give him time to save the INI file ?
    Maybe you have an old version of thereminoCNC that has a flaw ?
    (the current version is 5.3)

    If you can use a PC then you just need to connect a hall to a Master (as explained on our site)
    And then simply use a counter input with the option to measure the frequency.

    And then you could view it in many ways, for example with a few-line program written in Automation.

    Or you could use Buttons which already has an example of an automotive engine tachometer.


    For the CNC at the moment I solved it by changing the mm on Home zeta of the INI file and then at the request I saved it and it seems that everything is going as it should.
    For the lap counter I will follow the instructions given to me and try to understand something,thanks for everything.


    Good evening everyone, I am trying to program the pic24xx for the terminal with pickit2 with the V5 file and the EXE program specially modified by you, but I can't program it tells me it's there’ a power failure with 3.3v, maybe it is’ low from the computer, i am using a desktop computer, some advice? thank you

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