folding Smartphone


folding Smartphone

We have repeatedly heard about the hypothetical future folding or flexible smartphone the big producers, Today I go back there on the subject to show the display that could use Huawei per scoop even Samsung in the race to folding smartphone.

According to what reported by some Chinese media, Huawei would be investing a lot, in economic terms, to build and launch a market folding device before Samsung. The South Korean company has always been considered among the favorites in this race mainly thanks to the fact that it produces display. The cards on the table They may be changed entry into game Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE), Chinese manufacturer of OLED panels, who .also he pointed to the production of the displays for the next iPhone

China This company could be selected by Huawei as supplier of the screens for its next smartphone foldable. In video which you can view here = _Mgs7P16GaO

you have an example of the potential offered by 'technological innovation BOE of products.

The most important question is to assess how convenient design and launch on a flexible smartphone market, as well as the display must be taken into account all the hardware components to make it compatible with the bending of the main structure. This is crucial to create a product that, as well as being aesthetically appealing, both also functional, the time is ripe?

According to The Wall Street Journal 2019 will see a foldable smartphone Samsung weblog

It is always spoken of patents, PROTOTIPI and concept, just a few weeks ago a rumor revealed that in 2019 It should reach the fateful foldable smartphone weblog Samsung (with an exorbitant price). Voice that was Also confirmed by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the source of the newspaper, smartphone (code-named "Winner") will have a screen from about 7 " (in line with the 7.3 "declared previously) and that can be folded in half "as a portfolio". In that position, the exterior of the smartphone will show a small display on the front and the cameras in the back.

The launch should start low revs, going to cover very specific markets such as gamers. If this step were to bear fruit and the public should appreciate, you might think of another launch more in style in second half of 2019.

Although the source does not expect a great success by the device, ma Samsung wants to be the first to launch on a folding smartphone market, so much so that this project is the "top priority". Also according to the source of the price could reach around to 1.500$, or also a little more. Li would spend for a folding smartphone?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Motorola patented a folding smartphone: This will be the new RAZR?

The Motorola RAZR was certainly a phone that defined an era, a bit’ like the Nokia 3310: for a time it was a real status symbol and, for many, the highest design point in telephony. Having owned one for a certain period of time I speak from experience. The arrival of the foldable smartphone could be an opportunity for Motorola to innovate again in design and to suggest that the company is moving in this direction is a new patent.

The overall thickness of the smartphone would be particularly then reduced, It refers to the fact that RAZR quoted in the opening. While the overall design of the device, clamshell, refers inevitably emblematic Cell.

Lenovo, that controls Motorola, He has already had the opportunity to demonstrate its level in research that will lead to the folding device and is therefore not unlikely that Motorola can and will compete with Samsung and Huawei in this area, to get among the first to offer products of this type on the market.


A display yes 8 inch folding? Huawei is considering us seriously

The foldable display for smartphones is getting closer and closer to being a concrete fact since many manufacturers are investing seriously in projects of this kind. Huawei also seems to be particularly interested.

In particular, we are talking about a cooperation established between the Chinese manufacturer and BOE, a company that works in China specifically in production of display. The two companies seem to be working in partnership to achieve a display da 8 inch folding. The news comes with the confirmation that BOE is working concretely to the creation of four different models of folding display, per two companies diverse. One of these is undoubtedly Huawei while the second could be Samsung even if they are excluded Xiaomi e Oppo, previously concerned that have expressed the game of folding smartphone. The Chinese recently took part in the BOE SID Display Week in Los Angeles, during which showed a preview of two folding display, one from 5,99″ and the other from 7,56″.

Huawei could carry out a foldable smartphone in November, before Samsung!

Everyone knows the voices of foldable smartphone Samsung, the now legendary Galaxy X, but the record could soon get out of hand Korean company, at the hands of neighboring Huawei.

According to the latest news from the East, it should just be the Chinese manufacturer to present the first foldable smartphone in history, with a gap of a few months compared to rivals. The device is in fact expected to launch for the next November, however, by year's end, while the Samsung model we talk about the first part of 2019.

Of a technical level there are very few details. Huawei terminal should use a flexible panel produced by LG for the display, while for the design It talks about a subtle copro, anyway not far from the lines of a traditional smartphone.

If these rumors They prove true, What far from obvious, advice to curb the enthusiasm right now: even with a possible presentation in November, the market launch of the foldable smartphone Huawei could arrive after a significant amount of months.

Source: ETNews

Galaxy X: the foldable smartphone Samsung already in November?

In November there will be a Samsung Developer Conference to San Francisco, the company can exploit this event to present it but the chances are quite low.

Samsung to work on the first unbreakable OLED display

Samsung is working with the first OLED screens unbreakable: They may have a wide application on the market, not only in the smartphone arena

An unbreakable display that falling from great heights does not even make a scratch? A short could stop being science fiction and into reality: and he would have thought Samsung to achieve the first OLED simply indestructible screen, by physical qualities very similar in composition to those of the glass. It could be applied in many contexts, among which obviously the production of new smartphones.

I'd be the first to buy a phone like this, I think I have the record of three broken screens in three years on the same phone, if for the first two years he worked the warranty for the third alas I had to cope with spending.

Through an official press release, Samsung has announced that it has patented a new OLED display certified as unbreakable. To take care ofand the test was the Underwriters Laboratories, company security department and health in the US labor. The test results are simply amazing: OLED screen fell for 26 times from a height equal to 1,2 meters, continuing to function normally without showing any damage on its surfaces. An identical result was obtained by dropping 1,8 meters high.
Now that the Underwriter Laboratories tests are concluded, just have to wait the first applications: could arrive in the next few months.

My note

The first Samsung foldable OLED screen is 4/5 Years ago. Only they still had other features to be played and which earn before releasing one such screen. What then considered the nature of the OLED probably since the early prototypes could easily realize a folding screen, but as we know the technological development is dictated by mercato.Quanti of you still hear about broadcasts and 3D TVs that have flooded the market a short time ago, they served only to recover the costs of design of the current TV 4K and 8K before long

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