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ElettroAmici The site is managed and organized by Amilcare Brains (web master / director / author) but the contents are increasingly borne by users who share material they have achieved (Author). The rules that follow are all dictated by common sense and backed by a legal value. Their aim is not to create a bureaucratic machine with which to control all behavior but make sure that you mature awareness of how to use a service like a website, in which a community is to interact by sharing resources.

The ElettroAmici website is neither a company nor a periodical magazine but a sharing of knowledge space where individuals or companies share useful material to the social.

1) Using Site Resources and Services ElettroAmici

a. Responsibility

Anyone who decides to use of the material provided and concepts given in the relevant articles of the ElettroAmici site is required to pay the utmost attention in compliance with current safety regulations. The Web Master and the author accept no liability for any damage caused to persons, animals or property arising from the use of direct or indirect material, devices or software presented in the relevant related articles. It is also noted that the material and as reported in the articles is offered As, for instructional and educational purposes, without any guarantee of its correctness.

2) Notice on copyright

a. As prescribed by. 1, comma 1, the law 21 May 2004 n.128, the author warns that he has fulfilled, for every intellectual work(Articles, projects, Software and other site content), to all the legal obligations 22 April 1941 n. 633, on the protection of copyright. All rights of the works presented on the site are reserved. Any reproduction and any other form of disclosure to the public of works, the part that di, without prior written authorization, It is a violation of the law protecting copyright, in particular do not use for profit is allowed. Failure to comply with the law 22 April 1941 n. 633 It is punishable by imprisonment or fine, as described in Title III, Capo III, Section II.

b. Projects Users, in which the same, They present themselves as authors, fulfill in good faith the point 2 comma a). If there are disputes, for alleged lack of copyright, marker is the same to the site administrator.

c. The copyrights of the projects or articles submitted by users and published regularly in dedicated sections, They belong to the authors. The site administrator, by publication only acquires right of first publication. Nevertheless the article in the form in which it is published belongs to the site administrator. The request for publication on other websites or magazines must be applied to both the user, author. The user, author, It is free to sell the original copy of the article without requiring the Site Administrator authority.

d. The images of datasheets presented in the articles are a partial reproduction of the same. The information, as partial may not make visible some of the characteristics of the component. For a full discussion of the electronic component discussed in an article must always refer to the datasheet or user guide component of the Treaty. If you are unsure of the original documentation which refer to the web master or the author.

e. The images presented in the articles are covered by copyright unless otherwise credited to other authors using other license.

3) Privacy

A rule of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 No. 196 concerning the protection of personal data will inform the visitor and user (Registered visitors to the site) the following points:

a. Manner and purpose of processing of the personal

In order to fully utilize the services and resources made available on the site ElettroAmici, such as for example the Forum and special projects, articles, tutorial made available only to registered users, you must provide certain personal data. The registration procedure actually needs some personal data, for example Name, Name and email, which they are stored in order to allow the use of services by the user. The stored data are not provided to third parties and are maintained to ensure the confidentiality of the same.

Registration on ElettroAmici site in order to access the services and resources provided, automatically it implies registration to the site mailing list. The mailing list service allows the user to be informed about the updates of the services and resources available on the site.

b. Data processing

The ElettroAmici site in order to provide the services and resources available online, It makes use of computer systems, therefore at the end of normal operation are handled user information, such as for example IP, Source Servers. This information is implicitly contained in the communication protocols used by the Internet network.

c.User IP

Please note that for every message sent, be it the Forum that in Articles Comments, It is stored the IP address of User Navigation.

d. Rights of interested users

Anyone who is registered on the site ElettroAmici in order to avail of the services and resources available, has at any time the right to update their information and request information thereon, You can also request cancellation by contacting the webmaster directly (see contacts section).

The deletion of data automatically lead to the deletion, in particular removing himself from the mailing list, making instrument using the link available in the emails sent, are also account data deleted.

For more information on the legislative decree of 30 June 2003 196 visit the website

4) Cookie Privacy

Following the European legislation on cookies please note that the ElettroAmici site makes direct and indirect use of some cookies Technicians and third-party profiling.

What are Cookies?
In practical and not specialized terms, A cookie is similar to a small file, stored on your computer by websites while browsing, useful to save your preferences and improve the performance of Web sites. This will optimize the browsing experience for the user. In detail, A cookie is a small size text string sent by a web server to a web client (usually a Browser) and then sent back by the Client to Server (without change) each time the client accesses the same portion of the same web domain.

Note: The explanation given is an excerpt of the Wikipedia website, further details are contained in the following link.

Cookie Types

European law distinguishes two types of Cookies, appointed as Technical and Profiling.

Technical Cookies allow a website to properly operate by storing user preferences and allowing some, in general, usability and operation of the services offered by the site itself.

The profiling Cookies allow you to collect anonymous information about the user and his preferences, allowing you to create a navigation profile. Such information is for example used for targeted advertising.

The ElettroAmici site uses the following Cookies Technicians:

  • Technical cookies or browsing session, in order to allow access and use of users' confidential areas (Is. Forum, articles Comments).

  • Cookie functional Technicians, used to allow user customization of certain features of the site.

  • Cookie statistical Technicians, in order to monitor the articles and projects of interest and to facilitate the choice of the development of products and future projects.

The ElettroAmici site makes use of cookies indirectly Profiling, that allows third parties to send. The services that make use of profiling Cookies are associated with Google Adsense, Google Analytics, YouTube, PayPal. For this type of Cookie, submitted by third parties, Read the relevant descriptions of the supplier of services:

Consent of Members
Each user pressing the OK button on this short disclosures Cookie or one who moves through the site ElettroAmici, directly or indirectly confirms to have read and agreed the information on the use of cookies on this site ElettroAmici.

Disable cookies
Several browsers available in the market offer the ability to turn off the activities of exchange information offered by Cookie (Note: this could cause incorrect workings of some services due to lack of information sharing).

Further information
For further information and clarification, please contact the web master.

5) Using the Forum and Comments

The Forum and the comments of the articles represent a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and information. Written messages are available for public reading. This allows to facilitate cultural growth of each visitor who actively participating or just reading, It can work together to support or be helped in solving technical problems. Just because the Forum and Comments are a means to spread culture they must be treated as such, respecting a few simple rules related to civic common sense.

  1. The Forum requires the use of an appropriate language in respect of the users and readers. They should not therefore be used words that may offend other users or readers.

  2. The images uploaded to the Forum should not be possible due to injury.

  3. The user's name must not create ambiguities with the site owners. Users who choose the names deemed ambiguous, You will be required to name change.

  4. Your username, to ensure the privacy of the same, should not be the email. Names containing the emails will be modified by eliminating the carrier name.

  5. No pets messages that might facilitate or cause of action or illegal situations, in particular it is not allowed spamming.

  6. Each user is responsible for the content of written messages.

The Forum and the comments are moderate, so posts that do not follow those rules will be removed in respect of other users. Users that do not follow the rules, They will be at the discretion of the moderators, be disabled in order to write more posts. We thank every player for the reporting of any irregularities, reporting the same to the web master or moderators.

6) External resources to the site

The site ElettroAmici between the various services and resources, It has links to external websites, what form to add additional resources and enrich what was presented in an article, a project or in the Forum.

Although you try to filter links limited to those that may be of interest to users and visitors, you do not always have direct control over them. In particular, although the external links are partly controlled and filtered, As presented on external links to ElettroAmici domain is not necessarily shared or supported by your.

7) Changes in Terms of Use and Privacy +

The administrator / webmaster reserves the right to change, at any time, Conditions of Use and Privacy, in order to adapt them to future legal needs and make them more transparent and clear to site users.

The administrator

Amilcare Cervellii