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    hello Forum,
    I have a pretty interesting sketch written for Arduino Uno / Nano, which in a certain way uses phrases in flash memory, to save the RAM memory. This is not a big obstacle, my intent would be to be able to use a #include file that would determine if the sentences are in Italian or in English. With the consequent resolution that the program would make use of indexes to use the desired phrases.
    I tried to create an array, but it becomes burdensome to do it in two dimensions. The first dimension takes the length of the longest sentence. This takes me an unnecessary load of a 40%. Perhaps another method would be to do the array of sentences, that contain the pointer to the start of the sentence. But of this I have not had correct results.
    As a cargo I don't have major capacity problems yet, meanwhile they are still under the 50%. I just think it's not very serious.

    There are some examples, to be able to begin ?

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