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    Although in recent days I have read dozens of pages of the site, virtually all PDF attachments to 20in applications that I could download (thank you!), I found no useful guide, for people like me part from scratch in terms of programming, to begin to understand how it all works and how to make it work.

    I was wondering if it's me that I have not found or if it just is not there, and in this case, as I set to put in’ the right order all the information needed to begin to understand something?

    We developed the Theremino Automation Language to facilitate non-programmers eh, but without a description of the commands and functions and without the knowledge of a basic logic how do you?

    I was thinking of starting with a training locally, just to get familiar with the system, figure out how to talk to each other the different applications, etc, so start experimenting with real modules with a minimum of knowledge of the facts.

    Among the easy projects that intrigue me, There is for example the theremin (reminiscences of a passion for music) and among the instructions, it is said that you can begin to experiment with a USB keyboard and an external audio card (I own both: a small M-AUDIO Keystation Mini 32 and a Icon Cube-G, nothing special).

    I downloaded and installed all recommended (Midiyoke,loopbe,loopmidi, Sync_mode3, theremin6.6, slot to midi, audio examples,etc. etc). but there was no way, nor to open the sound card (ERR:Cannot create the Output Device!), nor do interact with each other, in any way the various app, that just can not be seen and even less with various DAW.E I can not go on in spite of it is reading everything and more.

    Maybe I'm being a basket case but,…. do you think there is hope?

    Seriously I can expect help in this sense?


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    I do not know what to think….ma, apparently this forum is deserted.


    I apologize for the delay, I thought I had triggered notifications and instead I have not arrived. Now and then I activated the next time I will answer right away.

    A guide that explains everything there is and it is not even possible to write it because it would be as long as the Bible Odiseea. So I will write here the first steps for those starting from scratch.

    The first advice is to start from simple things, not sure multimedia applications.

    So first of all you should get an idea of ​​what are the Slot, that is the center of communications thereminiche. Download it SlotViewer and starts to play. Lanciane two and verifies that moving the controls of the first to move the corresponding cursors on the second.

    Then maybe you download the SignalScope which it is a species of oscilloscope and moving the sliders of the SlotViewer see the values ​​of the slot that vary in flowing chart.

    you could also try to move the slot signals the Wave Generator and then write a few lines with Automation or take a command window with Buttons.

    But the center of it all are always the Slot, you absolutely need to understand how to use it otherwise you can not do anything else. And the only way to understand them is to try to communicate the applications.

    Then maybe you start watching the simplest applications This Page, maybe purchase a Master and a few LEDs on eBay or store-ino and try to turn them on.

    If you have no experience in e-mail to Leonardo store-ino and made to send a kit with some LEDs ready, and maybe even some servant who is always useful and interesting. And because you like music maybe you can also have them send the piezo sensors (sooner or later you are able to start the music applications, and if you do not succeed we'll help you do it).

    Do not rush to figure out everything at once, Theremino the system contains hundreds of different topics all. Some of them contain years of work and are quite complex. You can not addentarli all together.

    Continue only after you have made friends with the simple basics of the system and location is pretty much what you see on the page:

    However I am always available (
    or you may call me on skype (livio_enrico)
    and I could also solve you problems through TeamViewer.

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