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    Hello to the forum,
    I had an idea to use 2 thermocouples, ma (s)fortunately I saw that it is not as simple as one would like to believe. Indeed this video proves the proof.
    So my idea would be to complete a module that includes all the components to make the reading galvanically separated.
    For this I think it would take a max6675, an interface such as SI8631 and isolated power component such as B0505S-1W.
    I'm not good with SMT though, this is why I am writing to you if there are any willing people who want to assist in development.


    For J4F, The idea would be to mount a SMT card with the 6675, like that module that already runs on the market. Only it should expand for galvanic separation and then add a SI8631 and the DC-DC converter for powering said opto-isolator. In addition only 3 capacitors from 100 nF on the power supplies of the two integrated.
    I get to work and see if I can sketch in Kicad.
    Here is the sketch
    there is a small oversight on the position of the inductor
    The integrated isolator is not exactly the one mentioned, but from the same family. It then depends on what is on the market.
    Sorry if the black background did me.
    It should be noted that, as the youtube guy says, it will not be possible to load more than one module on the Arduino power supply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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