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    hello guys. now I start with the questions.
    I'd like to get a resin printer with the Theremino system…so I'll start from the end…

    so, me to process the print ( since I already have a resin printer)

    I use chitubox..and in the various printer settings available there is a standard that works with g codes.

    now I have tried to create a file and upload it to theremino cnc, but it gives error.

    if I post some picture of the settings or send a printer file…according to you you can understand if you can use the theremino system?

    among other things it is possible to interface an lcd screen to theremino?.

    As you may have seen in my presentation, I am not a genius…but in building I think I manage well.


    I believe that in the GCode file there are commands that ThereminoCNC does not know. You will need to tell the postprocessor of the application that creates the GCode not to use those instructions.

    However, it is likely that you should use standard applications for 3D printers rather than ThereminoCNC, as ThereminoCNC is made in its own way and very different from normal applications for resin printers.

    Regarding the LCD display, it is not mentioned at all, the Theremino system is an IN-OUT for PC, so the PC (o tablets) there must always be. And if there is a PC with its large screen and its comfort, there is no point in using a small and uncomfortable display.


    hello Livio,the lcd screen would be used to let the uv light of the printer through…i saw that there are hdmi screens of the bike big and in 4k, but in my ignorance I don't know how to show them to a possible thereminica printer….unless not to use ( and here I am imagining if possible) the second window displays as a slicing screen.


    these are 4 screens of any settings… and if you want I can send you a file of a cube 20 *20*20 mm without supports to compare.

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    Wait then I don't understand anything, it is not a printer that extrudes plastic with a hot nozzle but a printer that cures with ultraviolet rays. So the X and Y axes shouldn't move and only the Z in height should move. And you should upload images to an LCD screen with every vertical micro-movement. I got it right ?

    In this case the Thweremino CNC application is not suitable.
    Maybe you could do all the checking with Theremino Automation or maybe we will have to write a special program in DotNet.

    Tell me better how the car will be made.

    I looked at the Chitubox screenshots and I really think it's not worth using it, rather than using the Gcode produced by him, he does it first to redo everything from scratch.


    hello Livio…yes you got it right, the concept is that, for the car since you seem interested .. give me ap,of time I sketch a first explanatory drawing of what it could be…then if we go ahead I could give the files in step or other format to replicate it… it would be a good printer.

    regarding the chitubox…I use it to make the slicer or slicing and then I set the thickness of the layer ,the exposure time( then uv light and black white image screen to let the light through)and retractions and velocities.

    but to make the slicer and the supports you need a program .. usually they load stl or obj formats .. the most common.

    so what do you want me to prepare for you… an outline of how it should work? and parameters with explanations of what the machine would do?
    meanwhile, thanks for your attention as usual.

    come on, maybe we make a masterpiece.

    ps on the chitu g code screen…you can write or modify them at will .. if it is useful

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    Yes, you are right, the slicer is used to make supports etc.…
    But the slicer should only give a sequence of images, not a GCode.
    If you can get to this sequence of images then the images must be presented on the second output port of the video card (second monitor) probably a VGA.
    And you'll need to find an LCD that connects like a monitor does (you could probably take apart a small, inexpensive LCD monitor that plugs into VGA)

    Finally we need a program that presents the images, moves the Z axis and pauses to impress the UVs
    and this program I can do it easily,

    But as already written the program must NOT execute a GCode (otherwise it becomes a mess)
    must have a box to select image files
    and some options for how much to raise the Z axis for each image and for how long to keep the image still.

    – – – – –

    Don't send me drawings or explanations, I can only take care of the essentials, I don't have time for anything else
    and the essential is what I wrote to you.


    then Livio…the chitubox files with all the layers… they are not images that I know…I could just send you a file of the standard and take a look at it. I can't understand…… if I open it with a text program I can copy a glimpse of the querllo he writes… but apart from a series of symbols there are a lot of z's…i think they are encoded images, but I can't understand much about it…..

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