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    Hello everyone,
    I wonder if anyone knows CODE:BLOCKS for arduino: It is an excellent IDE / compiler for all micro ARDUINO
    I'm using it for some time and has never given me problems even with no libraries in its environment.
    Lately, however,, and I do not understand why, sometimes it does not fill me with sketches WIRE libraries, SD SPI producing errors in sentassi of my sketches but within libraries. The strange thing is that from the beginning I never had problems with the same libraries….in short, in short, sometimes not compile errors in other times (with the same sketch) everything is running smoothly, I tried and tried to install it (It requires no setup and once downloaded the zip decoding it to any folder). Compared to the IDE of Arduino it is a thousand times better…..
    If anyone has experienced Guà let me know
    thanks gvsoft


    I state that I have never used.
    Maybe some dll in common with other programs were updated and also ristallarlo you change.
    Try to put it in another pc.


    Ciao. Marcello, Thank you for your answer, but I can tell you that even on another pc things do not change.
    But if you care about is the library WIRE create problems because it also calls itself the TWI and on this coming out errors, But the thing that makes me mad is that this error is not always issued.: the proof I had it yesterday:
    The exact same sketch on a pc (windows 7) It is compiled regularly, while on another PC (Windows XP) produced errors. I speak of the past because after having copied from W7 to W_XP all the sketch folder filled W7 of the error is no longer issued……..I noticed especially in the very early tests (a long time ago) that some libraries while being present in the specific folder of CodeBlocks were not detected (Also new aggiungedone), So it was necessary to load these libraries in the sketch folder and then add these files to menu (cpp and h). Only then they were recognized and compiled together with the sketch, If you have time and “wish” try downloading codeblock for ARDUINO (Specific attention is because there is a version are “C” and other languages)..You'll see the difference with the’ Arduino IDE and I assure you that then you will not want more. (Also upload the sketch to the USB port of Arduino).
    Hello and thanks


    The throw it there, but take it with a grain
    Not that it conflicts with the internal timer in the micro used for more applications simultaneously

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