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    Hello everyone…i have a laser that is driven in pwm a 20 khz…how do i set the slot to form from or to 1000 in 20 khz ?
    thanks for the help.

    the laser head is a kkmoon 6000 mw


    I did so:
    fast pwm
    hertz 20000
    loop from slot

    the duty from 0 a thousand of the cnc sped gives me from 0 a thousand.
    it should be right or wrong something?


    It is done exactly as you wrote.
    And there would be no other way to do it.

    Just make sure that in the Pin set as Pwm_fast there are:
    Min_Value = 0
    Max_Value = 1000
    Response speed = 100
    If the response speed were slower, even just 99, the filter would intervene and could slow down the fronts.

    An inaccuracy of the rising and falling edges could occur even if the speed on the master was not set to 12
    and so if the Repetition (fps) was a bit’ low.
    Normally it should be at least 500 and on many PCs it is easy to get to 700

    In some cases, small delays in GCode when turning the laser on or off could help.


    Thanks livio…as always you are my mentor. hello


    Hi…With TTL rationale you just have the alternative of off or on. Most are constrained by the PWM obligation cycle to give pretty much capacity to the surface you are attempting to etch or cut.
    BTW, TTL is +5 volts on and 0 volts off.


    if it can help…..
    the laser circuit can be controlled with i 3,3 volt del theremino.
    to make it work better with the cnc program I suggest to interrupt the signal pwm of the sped signal with an optorel is connected to on of mandrino…to avoid unwanted marks during some spots or breaks.

    ciaooo and happy holidays late to all


    Happy Holidays to all from me too !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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