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    They asked me if it was possible to have a battery indicator with a single LED
    On a full charge
    Slow Flashing half charge
    Fast Flashing Battery.
    I also use a pic with SMD 8 pin, internal oscillator at the lowest frequency possible to contain the consumption.
    A pin as adc input that detects the voltages and one for output.
    What do you think?


    For battery mean those of the machines, of the motorcycle or disposable batteries?
    For an appropriate control should put a proper load on the battery type, vacuum or with a few mA the effective charging can not measure. It could be a battery that is not efficient with normal voltage in the absence of load.


    Yes is lipo batteries
    2S = 7,4V
    3S = 11,1V
    4S = 14,8V
    They are battery used on devices that require high currents and are portable, drones or powerful flashlights etc..


    Note about values
    Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V
    It is completely discharged to 3V


    But it is the linear voltage of the cell with respect to its ability?
    A 3,35V is no charge for half, then admitted that the voltage is not lowered with the measurement.
    Surely you can do with just a pic but I could not quantify indication accuracy.


    You do not need great precision is an estimate of the alleged estimate of the remaining life
    I think that a need for a 5V stabilizer and a partiton that even with the 4S by an acceptable input voltage.
    It will predict the same divider can use with different battery packs to make it universal.
    I had thought to 4K7 and 1K8 values ​​for the big party
    In this way you would have read
    4098mV a 14,8V
    3074mV a 11,1V
    2326mV a 8,4V


    hello Amilcare
    a project similar to what we have asked you've already made to control a battery pack lipo 4S
    with three red LEDs, yellow and green and is connected to the charging control connector.
    A activates the power button and the micro head each cell and turns on the LEDs depending on the state in sequence from the cell 1 a 4
    example, if the cell 1 3v and turns on the red LED if then the remaining cells are at the optimum charge value turns on the green three times and then starts again until the button is released.
    if a cell is in intermediate charge it illuminates the yellow LED in the position of the cell
    is:cell 1 3V to the cell 2 a 3,7V la 3 a 3,35 and the 4 a 3,7 I will have a sequence red green yellow green
    all controls a lipo from 14,8V 2,6 Ah installed on the kart which serves to activate the starter motor.
    I do not know if we have started production because then I retired from design, ma se ti serve what I command you schema


    If you can publish it according to the rights you put a link to the chart image.
    If it is covered by rights you can send it as a private message and attach the file you think can be useful.
    As MP you have the ability to send files of any kind within a limit of message content, exceeded that limit touches to clean can have space for subsequent messages.
    In my case it's torches for divers and serves a general indication of the time remaining

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