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    Every time you start with a new project, there is always the same question, which pic I use?.
    Almost always the choice falls on a pic that you already have at home, as long as you can find it, or with one you already know from previous use.
    If you are lucky enough to have time and desire to experiment, go to the Microchip® website and choose the most suitable or even just intriguing one. the site allows you to choose the pic using various filters. Of course some compromise will have to be there but it is possible to have a list of pic with the modules of interest. All that remains is to order it and wait for a variable period from a few days to a month.
    In the end the result will hopefully be as expected.

    I wanted to insert an image but I discovered that it is only possible with its link.

    This is for proof only .

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    The link opens in the same window, it wouldn't be better in a new panel?
    hello Marcello


    There are many free image hosting to upload your image.
    Once uploaded I return you a link that you can use to make your image appear here


    The choice falls into three series
    What you HAVE
    From this factor it is decided whether to use material already in possession or if you want to make new expenses. Hopefully you might find those free things to try, but perhaps it is the opposite of the third case.
    What you DO
    Factor that you choose a model for a particular purpose, with possible margin for expansion. But I certainly don't see myself putting an ARM into it to flash an LED. Then it is worth evaluating whether there is waste and therefore in contrast with the first case.
    What you KNOW
    The choice for a new way, needs new information and maybe, not yes HE HAS the time needed. However to evaluate the weight of what you want to achieve.
    There are cases that, as it happened to me, you opt for obsolete models, just because the information found only helps for those models. Although perhaps it is better to choose a recent model that has improvements and costs less. Also a manufacturer's policy to discourage buying obsolete models.


    Then every time you also evaluate all the errata of the date because sometimes the features have bugs and you go days without solving anything


    In fact, we hear some good things about Microchip that makes and undoes without much compatibility.

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