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    Hi everyone,
    this is the “project” I'm currently toying with: CPLD Fun Board.

    It is a low-cost card to start using HDL languages, based on a MAX II CPLD EPM240T100 series of Altera (now Intel) you can find “around” about 1$.
    Also on I added a STM32F103 type MCU card that can be easily programmed using the Arduino IDE.

    The total cost of the necessary components should be of the order of 5/8$ (Barring the PCB, the LCD module and the optional 50MHz oscillator).

    I just got the second “batch” PCB that, since the first version, also it allows you to use a CPLD EPM570T100 who has twice LE (Logic Elements)… time to draw holes from the fridge the tin paste…!

    I will publish all the details after the final test…


    I would be very interested in an article on the subject especially when aimed at people with little experience in the field.
    I wait.


    Maybe instead of an article “comprehensive” You could be more easily managed proceed “little steps” using this “thread” as a collector, considering that the card in question is the “sum” two development boards…

    Now I must first install one of these…

    PS: but you get email notifications of replies…?


    bottom of the screen just below the insertion of the replica pane there is a flag to be ticked if you want to be notified by the response ever


    Yes I always popped but I get nothing… (Default is active)
    Maybe because I leave the “session” always connected… mah…



    I realized the problem… Gmail puts an open spam… strange because I had already cleared the first spam email to the forum registration.
    However, it is not a problem of “engine” forum!


    I just finished assembling the card (new version). Here is a short video demo:

    The wiring diagram is who.

    The Gerber files to produce the PCBs are who.

    The “guide” for the positioning of the components on the PCB are who.

    For mounting it is strongly recommended to use a stereoscopic microscope, because there are components SMD type 0402.

    In the next “post” I will describe how to set up the two development environments Arduino IDE and Quartus II needed to use the card:

    Until next…


    From a little research of cost to mount a limited number of cards is higher unfortunately, having to acquire a larger number of the necessary components.
    What are you going to the event to offer the chance for someone to experiment and impratrichirsi with these programmable logic cushy?
    If this is possible you can experience the private messaging between users.
    However updates look.
    Health Marcello.

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