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    Hello everyone…..
    it has been a while since I poked my nose into the arduino site, ma, just two days ago I discovered Arduino Cloud,
    Cloud is in fashion now…. Ok then after registering I start the tour by downloading the required plugin.
    What is it about ? In practice it is a IDE ON LINE which allows you to write sketches, verify them, compile and download them on the micro connected to a USB port of all types of arduino. It is not very different from the one on PC but I found it faster and also with some additional features. Then you can download the whole sketch on your pc and leave it in the cloud. After various positive and negative tests, I ran into some problems, especially in the loading of personal libraries not included in the available list. I have tried all possible ways (wants files in zip format to upload) but I have not solved anything. So the question is this: everything works or there are problems especially with external libraries ?.
    PS: I haven't found anything on the arduino forum yet.

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    I would like to add: but how a personal library must be configured to add it ? In the Ide of the PC I added it without problems with the same zip file used to upload it to the cloud (Arduino web editor)


    in my opinion an IDE “cloud” it is one of the greatest abominations that the human mind can give birth to… :-).

    My personal advice: stay away… (or recommend it to someone you dislike…)



    Caro Just4Fun,
    I don't get so much acrimony….although each of us in this forum is free to express their opinions and is equally free to criticize them, your comment seems a bit excessive to me. Then, I have been using Arduino or rather its micro for almost three years and I have developed many projects (hobby use) and l’ I found it very useful and with a lot of software available. Before making his acquaintance I had developed with PICs. About the’ IDE “cloud”, I personally found it better performing than the IDE on PC. But we must distinguish between “ARDUINO CREATE” e “ARDUINO CLOUD”. The first allows you to write sketches, compile them and upload them to the micro, the second is a “DEPOSIT” where you can upload sketches complete with: wiring diagrams, photo, documentation and much more available to all. If you take a tour of the site you will discover many different projects, more or less valid and original. And starting from your own you can then add it.
    Maybe you are not an arduino fan (I am not careful either ) but perhaps it was better if you explained the reason for this opposition.


    No, no… no bitterness, figurati… sometimes I enjoy taking it to extremes…
    I think an IDE is a tool that is good to have the “control” total, sometimes to be customized with care. The idea that someone can change something on the outside does not excite me…
    Personally, I have no aversion to the “world” Arduino, rather. Consider that I just won a “contest” in the USA with a project that fully uses the Arduino IDE…
    A greeting.

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