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What is the Switch-off?

After the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial (2008-2012), even changes the terrestrial television transmission mode. Because of the bandwidth assignment 700 Mhz telephony (5G needs space and the state from the sale of frequencies has already collected 6,5 billion), the television world loses about a third of the electromagnetic spectrum at its disposal. The need, then, to coordinate frequencies with neighboring countries has further reduced the frequencies useful for the Italian TV, that, after the sale of the band 700 They will be almost halved.

Why does it change transmission system?

In order to transmit the same amount of channels and, if possible, Increase Size and Quality, despite lower frequencies, the Italian TV needs to adopt a more efficient transmission system. For this reason it was decided to switch to the DVB-T2 (although not specified it would be preferable with HEVC encoding). This step will allow TV broadcasters in 2022, to deprive yourself of many frequencies, but continues to deliver the same amount of content.

But he could not remain as before?

The European Community, wisely, She decided to have the passage of the gang 700 MHz to mobile telephony, given that demand for mobile data traffic is growing exponentially. To contain the rise of the Internet bandwidth prices on the move, it is necessary to widen the spectrum dedicated to it, in the interests of European citizens. The Italian television world, which in fact it has already been operating licenses of those frequencies up to 2032, he asked in return the switch to the new mode of transmission to avoid losing channels.

The switch-off already start in 2020

The process will begin since January 2020, but with technical operations that will have little impact on citizens. Essentially, it sets in motion the process of editing and reallocation of frequencies, which will bring with it the need to re-tuning of the channels often, but for now it will not change the transmission mode. The real changes of transmission format will start instead in September 2021. The first key step is to shut the MPEG2 encoding in favor of the AVC (also called improperly MPEG4) and already used today to HD channels: Italy will take place in unison throughout the 1 September 2021. After that deadline every TV (e i decoder) unable to tune HD channels (therefore the MPEG4 AVC) They will go to black and should be replaced or complemented by a new decoder. But there is another deadline whose impact is much greater: between 21 and the 30 June 2022 They will turn off broadcasts in DVB-T format to make way for those DVB-T2. All TV and decoders not compatible with the DVB-T2, They will go to black and also in this case it will be necessary to intervene with a replacement with a new decoder.

My TV has already become old?

No, if it purchased it from 2017 on, Indeed, from 1 January 2017 the public can only be sold TV compatible with the DVB-T2 transmission standard and with HEVC codec (as well as obviously with MPEG4 AVC). So everyone who bought a TV or set top box by 2017 forward, They have certainly already compatible TV. For TV antecedents, instead, the situation is less clear. It must be said that before the 2017 DVB-T2 HEVC was on board only one of the big TV screen high-end. A study certifies that 17,8 million Italian families, ie 82%, They would lose the ground channels programs. They are in fact only 3,8 million Italian families who today apparti TV capable of receiving DVB-T signal 2 with HEVC encoding and MPEG 4.1 , namely the second generation digital terrestrial

My TV will be compatible with the new transmissions?

At the moment we can not be completely certain. To have a truly future-proof TV, It must make sure that the tuner is DVB-T2 and is guaranteed to be compatible with the encoding in HEVC 10 bit. Attention, But: not all TV manuals contain all this information. Then, to have the certainty of the incompatibility of your TV you must wait to pass a few months: for the first half 2020 It should go into a test wave channel with a sign transmitted in DVB-T2 in HEVC 10 bit (which it is the target size for the post 2022): all those who will see this channel without problems will do nothing; the others, if you want to go forward to see the digital terrestrial, They will either have to change the TV or alongside the old one a new generation decoder.

But you can not watch TV without DTT

Yes of course, for example, through tivusat, Free satellite that has all the basic channels of digital terrestrial (even in better quality), plus a range of HD and 4K channels that do not go on the Earth. Or, albeit with some limitations, you can also enjoy Internet content directly on smart TVs. But there is no doubt that the typically Italian habit is to enjoy the live TV through DTT.

It will improve the quality of the transmissions

Hard to say for sure. If you pass only the DVB-T2 without implementing blanket even the HEVC codec, probably the transmission band would remain one today with some difficulty to improve the quality. Certainly there will be a greater push to HD broadcasts (there will no longer need the SD-HD simultaneous transmission channels) but it was unfortunately not included in the law a provision that the onsite required step to HD broadcasts. Everything is left to the will of the issuers: the smallest they could use the same bandwidth and double the channels transmitted with considerable increase in television sales and the like.

Why not go directly to the DVB T2 with HEVC codec ?

The problem is not the user side, saw that the 2017 all TVs are HEVC and previous, if you are DVB-T2 are also most likely HEVC. The “block” It is more in terms of issuers, that they should switch to a production entirely progressive and non-interlaced, given that the mass formed in HEVC wave is progressive.

There will also 4K channels on Freeview?

Again there are no certainties, but in the RAI RAI it is expected 4K channel also on digital terrestrial, although in some scenarios with a quality slightly lower than that today goes on satellite. At the moment it is too early to know what will the other competitors.

What is the TV bonus?

It is a government incentive aimed at easing the burden of replacing the park and TV decoder to the most vulnerable. The incentive comes to a maximum of 50 EUR per household and is reserved for families with ISEE<21.265,87 euro. The incentive is 50 euro (highs) and it applies equally to TV and decoder. In the case of TV it will be delivered entirely (all costing more than 50 euro); in the case of the decoders will compete to cover the cost of the product precisely up to a maximum of 50 euro. This TV bonuses will be paid in the form of discount to the purchase directly to beneficiaries until the funds are exhausted. To get it, the customer must self-certify, under his own responsibility, that your household has an ISEE lower than the limits, and that no one family has already received the bonus TV. At this point, exhibiting their document and tax code, it will condition the attendant sales coaching practice on the website of the Inland Revenue to obtain the TV bonus: if funds are still available, protocollato will immediately a kind of voucher which will correspond to a discount of 50 € in cash.

The TV Bonus funds may end?

And, works in “while supplies last”. It must be said that the funds of the 2019 (25 million euro) almost will not be affected (It will start almost at the end of year); for the 2020 They are allocated more 76, which, added to those of this year, should guarantee about 2 million in incentives. For the 2021 and the 2022, at least for the moment there are only 25 million per year, but the Government has spoken in different locations saying he engaged in the identification of new funds.

Since I can buy the TV bonus?

The inter-ministerial decree regulating the MEF MISE-TV bonus has been signed and, at the moment, It has not yet been published in the Official Gazette (thing that could happen at any moment atro). From the day of publication, TV bonus will be payable in store after precisely 30 days. The Government plans to initiate delivery of TV bonus during the month of December 2019.

You can buy any TV or decoder?

No, It takes a few mandatory requirements. First, the TV or set-top box must be compatible DVB-T2 and HEVC (but this should already be checked by law) and dispose of the so-called profile “Main 10”, ie the capacity to receive broadcasts 10 bit. I decoder, then, They must have a Scart or similar output, to also work with TV very old and not HD. Finally, last but not least, the producer / importer has to register the models compatible with the specifications above the portal of MISE: if such registration is not done, the appliance, even if it equipped with the hardware required characteristics, can not claim the incentive.

They receive the incentive also satellite decoders?

Yup, what they know in a few. Indeed, for a principle of technological neutrality, the Government has decided to encompass any act among eligible equipment to radio system, as for example a decoder Tivusat. Provided ovviamene that the manufacturer / importer registers on the portal of MISE as suitable equipment to the Bonus TV. Attention at the time unless otherwise specified by the Ministry cam Tivusat not covered by incentives.

The decoder Sky, They will have problems with the switch off?

The Sky box Q integrates the digital terrestrial tuner and is already in the DVB-T2 standard HEVC, so you will have no problem. It is different for those who see through the digital terrestrial “digital Key” Sky decoder connected to traditional: in that case you will need to switch to Sky Q (unless Sky is not issued a new version of flash) or all channels only in their satellite version (Some, however, must be manually tuned in to the Sky box).

May I have the TV bonus in any store?

No, Only those who have joined the Bonus Program TV and you are registered in this regard on the website of the Revenue: join the Bonus TV, indeed, It is not mandatory but only on a voluntary basis. In reality, the vast majority of specialty stores will join with enthusiasm and there should be no trouble finding one close to your home; but it is possible that some store, maybe supermarkets or specialty stores, decide not to join the Bonus TV. We must, then, to get the discount, go to a store that has decided to dispense.

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    After the official publication in the journal exactly you know the date of departure of the bonus. Counting thirty days from the publication date is accordingly 18 December. Since that day, you can take advantage of the bonus.


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