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ESP-01 NanoBoard (ESP8266)

The esp-01 NanoBoard is a small “motherboard” for the famous ESP modules-01 (ESP8266) with some features for ease of use: Serial-USB adapter (CH340), 3.3V regulator with resettable fuse on the USB, connector for an external power supply, optional expander 16 GPIO, I2C connector, GPIO connector (ESP-01), connectors for GPIO dell'espander, circuit for the automatic upload (gives […]


Queue display with remote control and… surprise!

Introduction At the request of a friend I realized long ago that the display “eliminacode” the type of those used by salumiere… Since I had left free a certain amount of flash memory in the MCU, I decided to use it by adding a function “hidden”… a complete implementation of the bingo (bingo ..) which is activated only by pressing appropriate keys […]