ArduHAL – Using an Arduino with Theremino system

This project allows to use Arduino forms easily. All types of common Input Output are ready. To which must not be programmed, just configure the inputs and outputs with the ArduHAL application and has undergone the direct connection between the software on the PC and the sensors.

The application ArduHAL

This application connects the Arduino modules with applications on a PC.

Arduino HAL for theremino system

IArduHAL Pin Properties most common types of Pin to control servomotors, Pwm and digital outputs, and to read sensors and ADC, They are easily accessible without the need to program the firmware.

The special sensors, such as those I2C, They may require Arduino libraries and some firmware row. But in all cases the connection with applications on a PC is easier.

The application ArduHAL, the instructions for use and the firmware for Arduino, downloading from this page.


The Arduino, by means of the application ArduHAL, It can connect to more than one hundred applications, all Open Source and Free, to read the data and control outputs. From oscilloscopes signal generators, thermostats, the music applications, to games, etc..

Theremino System Scope

For a list of possible applications open This Page.

Devices DIY

Many Arduino are abandoned in a drawer after discovering that programming is more difficult than expected. But with the ArduHAL anyone can dial devices “do-it-yourself” in a few minutes, for example, for didactic, to make projects and experiments or to automate their achievements.

The most interesting examples are the sensors that communicate in I2C. The Arduino modules can easily read them with the help of a library and a few lines of firmware.

Our library for Arduino also provides the low-pass filters and high pass, easy to use and identical to classic resistance filters and condenser.

Download this file to see how using filters and how you read the I2C sensors.

Connecting Office

Who knows spreadsheets can use macros to communicate directly with the hardware.

Theremino Slots to Office

Read an ADC and put the values ​​in Excel cells today. In addition to the VBA you can also compose complex applications. it VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) It is a fast and powerful language. That Excel is compiled and fast.

The connection examples with Excel you download from This Page.

Library Special “Theremino”

There are already Arduino libraries that allow you to exchange data with the PC. But these libraries are only a third of the work. With these libraries, for each sensor read or actuator control by, you must write a piece of firmware. And every time you wanted to add or remove an input or an output should then change the firmware.

Once you are written the firmware you should also build applications on the PC to interact with the user. And that's the hardest part. Few have managed to connect Arduino with a user interface that works smoothly on PC. So almost all fold up small displays directly connected Arduino.

Theremino library for Arduino

With our library for Arduino, ArduHAL the application and other applications of the system becomes much simpler Theremino. The minimalism of Theremino system is perhaps too simple for those who know how to program, but it is what you need for those involved in other (didactics, chemistry, physics, music etc.…).

Comparison between the Arduino and the modul modulesi Master

Arduino Nano


  • With Arduino you can add I2C sensors connected, SPI seriously. We have prepared the communication "generic" types with PC so you just write a few lines and import a library to also read the strangest sensors.
  • Even those with little programming knowledge can add some simple function. Instead modify the firmware of our Master is almost impossible. Not even an expert could do it, It would take too long and it might not be worth.
  • With Arduino can be programmed to perform small operations quickly, for example, lift and lower an output after a time of a few microseconds. These same operations are not, however, possible with a master module, because everything is programmed into your PC and the minimum time allowed by the USB exchange is a millisecond or two.
  • An Arduino Nano costs less than half of a Master. It is also located less than three Euros on eBay.


  • The simplified language Arduino (gli Sketch) It allows to easily program its firmware. But this easily leads to a great loss of performance. One example: The ADC of our Master are read 16 times and is then made to the average, while on Arduino we can read them only once, and is already a considerable load. So the ADC Master give almost 14 bit (over-sampled) while the Arduino only 10 bit.
  • The communication speed with the PC is only a quarter of our Master even under the best conditions (circa 200 exchanges per second against the normal 800…900 of Master).
  • The pin can be configured with just a dozen kinds against almost thirty of Master.
  • Many types of Pin, for example, the capacitive keys, the FastPwm and Stepper, They are not feasible, The benefits are too scarce, best to use a Master.
  • Nothing CapSensor and then nothing Theremin (the musical instrument) with the features we are used.
  • The Adc24 is not connected, we have not tried it but we know from experience that the SPI communication with the Adc24 module requires difficult times to get. We did it on our Master, because we have all the possibilities given by a very powerful processor. And to do that we had to build a very complex set of Ping-Pong mechanism between two interrupts. Things like Arduino are virtually impossible (or at least we do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to do).

More information in instruction file the application ArduHAL.

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